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本文摘要:牢固搭配1.have a lesson /a meeting 上课/开会The English teacher is having a lessons for us. 英语老师正在给我们上课。Dad went to a meeting.爸爸去开会了。We are having a meeting. 我们正在开会。


牢固搭配1.have a lesson /a meeting 上课/开会The English teacher is having a lessons for us. 英语老师正在给我们上课。Dad went to a meeting.爸爸去开会了。We are having a meeting. 我们正在开会。

2.have a try 试一试Let me have a try!让我试试!3.have a good time 玩得很兴奋The children had a good time in the park. 孩子们在公园玩得很开心。4.have funWe had fun finishing our homework.我们完成作业很开心。

5.have breakfast/lunch/supper 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭After breakfast, the children went to school. 早饭后,孩子们去上学。Mary usually has breakfast at school. 玛丽通常在学校吃早餐。6.have a meal (three meals) 吃一顿饭People usually eat three meals a day.人们通常一天吃三餐。

7.have a fever 发烧Li Ming had a fever today and didn't go to school.8.have a cold伤风The little boy has a cold. He is having a high fever.小男孩伤风了。他在发高烧。

9.have a look (at) 看一看……Boys and girls, please look at the blackboard.同学们,请看黑板。10.have a rest 休息一会儿After finishing the work, we sat down and had a rest. 完成事情后,我们坐下来休息了一会儿。11.have a talk 谈话The two of them are having a talk.他们两人正在谈话。

12.have a walk =take a walk 散步13.make friends (with)与……交朋侪Li Lei is worried that no one will make friends with him in his new school.14.make a living 营生The little girl makes a living by singing.15.make a mistake (mistakes)犯错误There is no one in the world who does not make mistakes.16.make a sentenceCan you make a sentence with this word?17.be made from/of 由……制成The books we read are made of wood.18.be made in 在……地方制造This kind of silk is made in China.19.look after =take care of照管,照看The nurses in the hospital look after every patient carefully.20.look for 寻找The lady is looking for her lost ring on the ground.21.look like 看上去像LiLei looks like his father.22.look out 当心,小心Look out for a big stone ahead.23.look around 朝四周看The thief looked around and entered the room.24.look at 看着……Please look at the blackboard.25.put on 穿上(衣服),戴上(帽子)LiMing put on his school uniform and walked out of the house.26.put up 张帖He put up the advertisement on the wall.27.set up 竖起,建起A new teaching building has been set up in our school.28.set off 出发,动身When are you leaving?When do you set off?29.set out to do sth. 开始/着手做某事They succeeded in what they set out to do.他们计划做的事已经做成了.When do you leave for Beijing?30.send for 派人去请He will send for me.31.take one's advice 听从某人劝告We should take the doctor's advice.32.take out 拿出,取出He took out ten thousand yuan from his bank card.33.take down 拿下,记下Please take down the word on the paper.34.take place 发生The celebrations will mainly take place in Paris, at the headquarters of the Organisation. 庆祝运动将主要在巴黎的世贸组织总部举行。35.take the place of 取代She took the place of teacher Li to teach us this morning.今天早上她取代李老师教我们。36.take it easy 别紧张Don't be nervous/Take it easy. Everything will be over.别紧张/放松点。一切都市已往的。

37.take away 拿走Please take this cup away!请把这个杯子拿走吧!38.take off 脱下,起飞,休假The plane is about to take off. 飞机就要起飞了。39.day off / have off 休假My mother is day off today.我妈妈今天休假。40.take photos 照相My brother likes to take scenery pictures. 我弟弟喜欢拍风物照片。41.take some medicine 服药When you have a cold, you should take some medicine. 当你伤风时,你应该吃一些药。

42.turn on 开,旋开(电灯,收音机等)43.turn off 关上(电灯,收音机等)Please turn off the light when you go out. 当你出去时,请关灯。44.turn down (把音量)调低Would you mind turning down the radio?你介意把收音机关小点声吗?45.turn up泛起,(把音量)放大①We never dreamt you would turn up so soon!我们做梦也没想到你会这么快就泛起了!②Please turn the radio up. 请把收音机开大一点。46.turn in 交出,上交Please turn in your pass. 请交出你的通行证。

47.turn…into… 酿成Grapes can be turned into wine. 葡萄可以制成葡萄酒。48.turn…over 把……翻过来He turned over the brick to have a look. 他把砖头翻过来看一看。49.at once 连忙You have to get out of here at once. 你必须马上脱离这里。

50.at last 最后At last he finished his homework. 最后他完成了作业。51.at first 起先,首先At first, you need cut the apple. 首先,你需要切苹果。52.at the age of… 在……岁时 Lily began to learn the piano when at the age of her five. 莉莉五岁时开始学钢琴。53.at the end of… 在……之末At the end of the river, there is a boat. 在河的止境,有一条船。

54.by the end of… 到……底为止By the end of last month, we had learned the words in five lessons. 55.at the beginning of… 在……之初At the beginning of the birthday party, everyone sang a happy birthday song. 在生日晚会开始时,每小我私家都唱了一首生日快乐歌。56.at night/noon 在夜里/中午My mother doesn't allow me to go out alone at night. 我妈妈不允许我晚上单独出去。57.in the day在白昼Cats sleep in the day and catch mice at night. 猫白昼睡觉,晚上捉老鼠。58.in all 总共There are 50 students in all in our class.我们班总共有50名学生。

59.in fact 事实上In fact, the earth's environment has been greatly damaged. 事实上,地球的情况已经被极大地破坏了。60.in one's twenties 在某人二十几岁时My aunt went to Beijing in her twenties.我姑姑在二十多岁的时候去了北京。61.in a hurry 慌忙Hearing that his father was ill, he went to the hospital in a hurry. 听说他父亲病了,他急遽去了医院。

62.in timeMary arrived at the hospital in time to see her mother. 玛丽实时赶到医院去探望她的母亲。63.on timeXiao Ming gets to school on time every day. 小明天天准时到校。64.in public 民众,公然地We should be polite in public.我们在公共场所应该有礼貌。

65.in order to 为了……In order to make more money, my uncle worked hard. 为了赚更多的钱,我叔叔努力事情。66.in the front of 在……前面The blackboard is in the front of the classroom. 黑板在课堂的前面。67.in front ofThere is a big tree in front of the house.屋子前面有一棵大树。

68.in the endThe little girl overcame her illness in the end. 这个小女孩最后终于战胜了她的疾病。69.in turn 依次,轮流There were cheers for each of the women as they spoke in turn.当她们轮流讲话时,每小我私家都欢呼起来。Some of our male classmates take turns on duty.我们的一些男同学轮流值日。70.of course 固然Would you like to go to the library with me?你愿意和我一起去图书馆吗?Of course!固然了!71.from now on 从现在起From now on, we should learn to protect ourselves. 从现在开始,我们应该学会掩护自己。

72.from then on 从那时起From then on, people start using bike sharing. 从那时起,人们开始使用共享单车。73.for example 例如In Anbar, for example, a western province, there is no police forces to speak of.例如,在西部的安巴尔省,基础就没有警员。

74.far away from 远离In a twinkling, he was far away from land.转眼间,他就离陆地很远了。Children should stay away from dangerous places. 孩子们应该远离危险的地方。Our house is far from the supermarket.我们家离超市很远。75.by the way 顺便说一下By the way, are you going to the library tomorrow?76.in the way故障,挡道A stone was in the way and the car couldn't get through. 有一块石头挡在路上,汽车过不去了。

77.in this way以这种方式He ended the party in this way.78.on one's way在路上Xiao Ming met a dog on his way home.79.a piece of 一张(一片,块)Can you lend me a piece of paper?80.a cup of 一杯Dad had a cup of tea and went out of the house.81.a glass of 一玻璃杯There is a glass of coffee on the table.82.a box of 一盒Zhai Jing came into the classroom with a box of chalk. 翟静拿着一盒粉笔走进了课堂。83.a bottle of 一瓶There is a bottle of milk on the desk.84.a set of 一套/串①I lost a set of keys. 我丢了一串钥匙。

②Dad is wearing a set of new suit today.爸爸今天穿了一套新衣服。85.a group of 一队,一组,一群There is a group of people in the square.广场上有一群人。

86.a kind of 一种Ladybug is a kind of insect that is good for crops.瓢虫是一种对农作物有益的昆虫。87.all kinds of种种各样的There are all kinds of flowers in the garden. 花园里有种种各样的花。88.kind of有点儿,稍微That panda is kind of shy.那只熊猫有点含羞。89.a type of 一种类型的They are all a type of battery.它们都是一种电池。


90.a different type of 一种差别型号的This is a different type of battery.这是一种差别型号的电池。91.a great deal of 很是多,大量的(不行数名词)After a heavy rain, there was a great deal of water in the field. 一场大雨事后,田里有许多水。92.a large (great) number of 很是多,大量的(可数名词)Dad bought a large number of vegetables in the supermarket. 爸爸在超市买了一大堆蔬菜。

93.a great many 大量,许多(可数名词)There are a great many people in the street. 街上有许多人。94.all over the world/the country 全世界/全国They've travelled all over the world.他们周游了世界各地。95.the whole country整个国家Is it too hard to find someone in the whole country to fill the role? 在全国规模内找一小我私家来担任这个角色是不是太难了?the whole world整个世界Chinese fashion and culture have taken the whole world by storm.中国的时尚和文化已经席卷了全世界。

96.day after day 日复一日Day after day, year after year, the water in the river gradually dried up. 日复一日,年复一年,河里的水逐渐干枯了。97.day by day一天天The saplings I planted grew up day by day. 我种的树苗一天天长大了。98.up and down 上上下下Our English teacher looked the new student up and down. 我们的英语老师把新来的学生上上下下审察了一番。

He looked up and down the rain-swept street.他上下审察着被雨水冲刷的街道。99.the day after tomorrow 后天A professor from Beijing will give us a lecture the day after tomorrow.一位来自北京的教授后天将给我们做陈诉。100.the day before yesterday 前天There was an accident here the day before yesterday. 前天这里发生了一起事故。

【其他牢固搭配】1.langht at 讽刺It is impolite to laugh at others.讽刺别人是不礼貌的。2.be used to doing习惯于My grandparents are used to going to the park after dinner.我的祖怙恃习惯于晚饭后去公园。3.used to 已往经常I used to like short hair, but now I have long hair.我已往喜欢短发,可是现在我有长发。4.use sth to do sth用某物做……We cut apples with knives=We use knives to cut apples我们用刀子切苹果5.be used to do被用来做……Knives are used to cut things.刀子是用来切工具的。

6.be used for doingGrapes can be used for making wine.葡萄可以用来酿酒。7.wake…up 叫醒Every morning my mother wakes me up for breakfast.天天早上我妈妈都叫我起床吃早餐。8.work out 算出Lily worked out the problem soon.莉莉很快就解决了这个问题。9.hurry up 赶忙,快点Hurry up, or we'll be late for school.快点,否则我们上学要迟到了。

10.think about 思量……①Have you thought about traveling to Beijing? 你想已往北京旅游吗?②He is thinking about a problem.他正在思量一个问题。11.think of思考He is thinking about/of a problem.他正在思量一个问题。【注意】think of和think about的区别△(1)think of与think about这两个短语表现下列意义时,可以交换。

①思量Don't think of/about me any more.不要再思量我。②对....有某种看法What do you think of/ about the film?你认为那部影片怎么样△(2)think of表现下列意义时,一般反面think about换用.①想要;计划For a moment l thought of playing truant.我一时起了逃学的念头.②想出;想到Who thought of the idea?谁想出的谁人主意?③体贴;想看Our teachers always thought of how they could do more for the students.我们的老师总是想着怎样多为学生们做些事情.④想起;说得l can't think of his name.我想不起他的名字.(3)think about表现下列意义时一般反面think of换用.①"追念"已往的事情.We mustn't think about this matter anymore.我们不许再想此事。

②"思量”某事或某计划是否切实可行。I'll think about your suggestion and give you an answer tomorrow.我要思量一下你的建议,明天给你回复.12.worry about 担忧= be worried about= be anxious about 担忧You aren't worried about this matter, we will find a way to deal with it.你不用担忧这件事,我们会想措施处置惩罚的。Don't worry about it. We'll try to deal with it.别担忧。

我们会努力处置惩罚的。13.throw away 扔掉Throw away the garbage at the door.把门口的垃圾扔掉。14.hear of 听说Have you heard of it?你听说过吗?15.hear from 收到……来信I haven't heard from my father for a long time.我良久没有收到我父亲的来信了。

16.instead of 取代……Can you buy a book in the bookstore instead of me?你能替我在书店买本书吗?17.with one's help 在某人的资助下,由于With the teacher’s help, my English has made great progress.在老师的资助下,我的英语取得了很大的进步。18.with the help of … 在……的资助下With the help of the math teacher, my math scores have been greatly improved.在数学老师的资助下,我的数学结果有了很大的提高。19.to one's surpriseTo our surprise, Tom won the first place in the math contest.令我们惊讶的是,汤姆在数学竞赛中获得了第一名。

20.up and down 上上下下The children were running up and down the corridor street.孩子们在走廊上跑来跑去。21.just now/then 适才/那时Dad was talking to mom just now.爸爸适才正在和妈妈说话。22.late on 事后,厥后Later on Grace went to America.厥后格雷斯去了美国。

23.work /study hardMy sister studied very hard, so she got a good result in the exam.我妹妹学习很努力,所以她在考试中取得了一个好结果。24.come out出书;出来;泛起;着花When does her new book come out?她的新书什么时候出书?The flowers in the park are come out.公园里的花正开了。25.wait for等…After school, the children are waiting for the bus at the bus stop. 放学后,孩子们在公共汽车站等车。

26.do morning exercises 做早操Doing morning exercises is good for your health. 做早操对你的康健有利益。27.do eye exercises 做眼保健操Middle school students should insist on doing eye exercises every day. 中学生应该坚持天天做眼保健操。28.get on/along (well) with 与……相处(融洽Mary gets on well with her classmates in her class. 玛丽和班上的同学相处得很好。29.In the hospital在医院里Mother is taking care of her sick grandmother in the hospital. 母亲正在医院照顾她生病的祖母。

30.In hospital生病住院My grandmother is ill and in hospital.我祖母生病住院了。31.keep up with 跟上……When climbing the mountain, my little sister tries her best to keep up with us.在爬山时,我的小妹妹尽她最大的努力跟上我们。

32.be different fromThis picture is very different from that one.这幅画和那幅很纷歧样。33.three minutes' walk步行三分钟You'll be home in three minutes' walk.你走三分钟就抵家了。34.so far到现在为至So far, we have learned 98 English words. 到现在为止,我们已经学了98个英语单词。35.catch the early bus及早班车In order to catch the early bus, dad got up early. 为了遇上早班车,爸爸起得很早。

36.It takes sb some time to do sth花费某人多长时间干某事It took the workers three years to build the building. 工人们花了三年时间制作这座大楼。37.sb spend some time/money (in)doing /on sth某不比几多费时间/钱做某事It's impossible to spend so little time doing so much work.花这么少的时间做这么多事情是不行能的。38.hundreds / thousands /millions ofThousands of people march on the streets in America. 在美国,成千上万的人走上陌头游行。